And in the End...

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Tue Feb 5 21:55:29 EST 1991

You make many good points, and I reiterate, despite my "threats" that
we have no intention of dropping e-mail any time soon.  I am familiar
with the types of problems that you are describing and realize how far
down we are on the priority list.  However we are investigating ways
to reduce the number of problems that crop up.

My experience is that for every public bitch about SUBSCRIBE messages
there are other responses to me like yours saying that they are
tolerable given the other benefits of the system.  This is part of the
reason that things have sailed along so far.  However, if we can
better organize the system, that will not only benefit the end users
but it would also free up more of our time to go out and look for new
uses for BIOSCI, e.g., beef up the journal TOCs, etc.

Stay tuned ... I don't think that we have heard the last from Rob yet
(he might at a minimum respond and say that we have 8-).

Dave Kristofferson

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