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Tue Feb 5 21:37:04 EST 1991

The news of Rob Harper's resignation from helping to manage the Biosci
newsgroups is sad news indeed. It's too easy for us to sit back and let
others do all the work and then bitch when things go the least bit wrong. I
think this is partly due to the success of the biosci managers at keeping
things going so smoothly. I certainly had no idea of how much work was

        Perhaps the biosci managers could help the situation, and possibly
avoid future similar resignations, by reminding us of what they are up to.
Every month Dave Kristofferson sends out a notice of the available
newsgroups and how to access them. Why not have a second monthly posting
describing some of the more technical aspects of running the groups? I
thought Rob's posting from a couple of days ago describing how the various
nodes interact with each other was interesting and useful. By seeing some
of the complexity behind the system, especially when told of the reasons
for the complexity, one quicky gets the idea that things aren't nearly as
easy as they look on the surface. It may also be useful to let us know
exactly who is managing the newsgroups. How many other unsung heros are
out there?

        It's easy to forget that I'm not the only person who can't find
enough time to get everything done that needs doing in a 36 hour day. For
those times when I, and others like me, lose my patience when things aren't
exactly perfect and send off a testy message to Dave or Rob, why not
automatically forward them to a new newsgroup, biosci-flames? If we know
that the whole net will read our silly little nits, we might think harder
before firing them off :-) :-) .

Steve Clark

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