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Robert Harper harper at
Fri Feb 1 11:35:30 EST 1991

In <9101311345.AA14228 at> D54%TRANAVM1 at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU (suleyman AYDIN) writes:
sa>Is there a possibility to write a program which filters and DELETES the
sa>"confirm  ME..please..etc.." like mails which are sent to the discussion
sa>lists ?
sa>suleyman AYDIN (trying to become a pharmacologist)
sa>medicinal plants res. ctr., univ.anatolia, tepebasi 26470 eskisehir / TURKEY
sa>d54 at TRanaVM1.EARN/Bitnet

The simples solution is to switch this feature off by altering the
list header for LISTSERV so that the default will be RENEW=NONE.

At the moment the list headers are being reorganised, and hopefully
nobody will be asked to confirm their subscriptions ever again.
This will make more work for yours truly since I then have to hunt down
dead mailboxes, but that can't be any worse than writing lots of
explainations about the workings of LISTSERV.

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