Call for a paper or two

Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Sat Jan 12 21:04:02 EST 1991

Please contact me if any of you are interested in contributing
a short paper to the following book/journal issue.

                              CLIFFORD A. PICKOVER
                      YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y.  10598   USA
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          You are hereby cordially invited to submit a manuscript for
          a volume on the Future of Computing edited by C. A.
          Pickover.  This is to be published in a special issue of
          Speculations in Science and Technology, with probable repub-
          lication of the volume as a book.

          Speculations in Science and Technology is a refereed inter-
          disciplinary journal.  Now in its 14th year of publication,
          this international journal has provided a forum for wide-
          ranging, imaginative but always well-based discussions of
          novel ideas in science and technology.  A specimen copy of
          this journal can be requested from Science and Technology
          Letters, 12 Clarence Road, Kew, Surrey TW9 3NL England.

          This special issue will contain topics such as the future of
          computing in art, education, mathematics, recreation, eco-
          nomics, biology, computer graphics, physics, chemistry, and
          other fields.  Computer hardware issues may also be dis-

          I know you are busy; however, your paper need only be a few
          pages long (about 3,500 words).  Alternatively, you may sub-
          mit a longer paper if you wish -- or suggest a topic you
          would like to discuss.  Papers are due by May 31, 1991, with
          publication around October, 1991.  I would appreciate self-
          contained, comprehensive papers focussing on topics of a
          broader nature than is usually found in research papers.
          Please be sure to introduce your field in the beginning of
          your paper.  The use of black-and-white illustrations and
          figures is highly encouraged.  All papers will be refereed.

          Please send me a tentative title, abstract, and possible
          length of your contribution by January 15, 1990.

          Below is a list of contributors this volume:

          1. Conrad Schneiker, "Future Feynman Machines:
              Nanotechnology and Future Human Computing"
          2. Donna J. Cox, "Art in the Context of Science; Science in
              the Context of Art"
          3. Thomas T. Warner, "Computational Needs and Challenges in
              the Atmospheric Sciences During the Next Decade"
          4. Franz G. Szabo, "Current Techniques and Development of
              Computer Art"
          5. Steward Dickson, "Forging a Career as a Sculptor From a
              Career as a Computer Programmer"

          With best regards,

          Clifford A. Pickover, Ph.D.  IBM Research Staff Member
          Associate Editor, Computers and Graphics
          Editorial Board and Guest Editor, Computers in Physics
          Editorial Board and Guest Editor, Speculations in Science
                                            and Technology
          Book Review Panel, Leonardo

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