Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Tue Jan 15 18:15:48 EST 1991

Can you suggest a graphics package for UNIX operating system?

My group at IBM is currently looking for suggestions of highly
recommended general-purpose graphics software packages, which you often
use, and also WHICH RUN UNDER UNIX.  Our goal is to have these
eventually run on an IBM RISC System/6000.  We plan to make these
facilities available to our research center.

Can anyone offer suggestions?  Please give the vendor name, address, and
phone-number, if possible, so we can contact them.  We are interested in
packages which do scientific 2-D or 3-D plots, business graphics, or
image processing...

Thanks, Cliff Pickover CLIFF at YKTVMV (bitnet) or CLIFF at IBM.COM

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