Veterinary uses of the net

Linda Jacobson linda at frcs.UUCP
Thu Jan 10 09:33:07 EST 1991

Firstly, let me apologise for cross-posting to so many groups, and
for posting to so many (probably) incorrect groups.  However, I am
in a fix, and don't know which group(s) I should use.  These seem
to be the most relevant, and most likely to draw a response.

I am a veterinarian at the local teaching hospital.  I am trying to
persuade the powers-that-be that we need net.access.  This machine
(frcs) belongs to my husband, and lives in his office.  I have had
a taste of the net using `frcs', and feel that it can be very useful
to me and to the entire Veterinary faculty, but I need to have more
ammunition than that to get something going here.

If there are any Veterinarians on the net, or researchers or teachers
in related fields, could you please send me mail to add weight to
my arguments (just having a number of people on the net would help)?
In addition, if anyone is using the net for research in related fields,
or can think of ways in which we can use the net (hard ideas, please,
not just ``it would be a good idea.'' -- that's my line already :-)),
could you please mail me.

The news feed to `frcs' is a bit scrappy (it's a computer company,
after all, what do _they_ want with molecular biology?), so could
you please reply to this by mail.  Also I guess that this is
probably _not_ of general interest to most net.users.  If it is,
I will summarise, if someone can point me in the direction of a
suitable newsgroup.  If there are enough people who can't think
of a group, maybe we should start `'?

My mail address is (apparently) ``linda%frcs%proxima at''
or ``linda%frcs at''.  If these don't work, try one
or more of the following:

	linda%frcs%proxima at
	linda%frcs at
	proxima!frcs!linda at
	frcs!linda at
Thank you for your patience reading this (you got this far, didn't 
you? :-)).  Please reply if you can help.

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