Number of molecular genetics labs

David Loewenstern davel at
Fri Jan 4 10:52:20 EST 1991

I guess I wasn't completely clear when I posted my previous request
for the number of mol. gen. labs.

I am only interested in pointers to compiled statistics.  I am
*not* conducting a poll.  Please do not send mail of the form
  "Well, I don't know how many molecular geneticists there are,
   but our lab has four."  

I am well aware that a request for information posted to the USENET
will not elicit a representative sample of the molbio community.

On the other hand, if anyone had compiled statistics (for example:
there are n Ph.D.'s in biology working in molecular genetics in
the US, or k geneticists currently funded by the Human Genome Project)
I'd be most appreciative.

David Loewenstern
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Whippany, NJ 07981
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