REBASE and PIR searching still available via e-mail

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Mon Jan 7 19:46:51 EST 1991

The REBASE 12/90 release recently announced by Dave Kristofferson
is now available for e-mail retrieval from the UH Gene-Server.  To
receive the data file, "renzdata", or the reference file, "renzrefs",
send the following line to "gene-server at" (Internet) or
	Subject: send renzdata renzrefs

Also, electronic mail searching of the PIR database is still available
from the UH Gene-Server.  Send a file in Pearson format (leave the
Subject: line blank) to
	pir-search at
or from BITNET at CUNYVM

For an introductory message, send the following line to
"gene-server at" (" at CUNYVM" from BITNET):

	Subject: send pir-search

Questions to davison at or DAVISON at UHOU on BITNET.  Other networks
can be reached from the gene-server.  CAUTION: don't forget that BITNET
has a 300,000 byte file size limit.  If you send a search and get nothing
back, you probably had too much output.  Try a bigger search sequence or
ask for help from a local wizard or as a *last* resort, you can try
davison at  Replies cannot be guaranteed to be timely, however.

dan davison

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