Legal aspects of BITNET/COCOM connections

"Robert Harper Finland", CSC HARPER at CSC.FI
Thu Jan 10 08:27:00 EST 1991

   For those of you interested in the legal aspects of connecting BITNET/EARN
   to COCOM countries then you can obtain the relevant information from the
   server at BITNIC. There are three files totaling about 70 Kb, and since
   they contain large doses of "lawyer talk", they are pretty heavy reading. 
   The files can be obtained by sending a mail message to LISTSERV at BITNIC. 
   Leave the subject line blank and in the main body of the mail message write.

   ------------8< cut here 8<----------
   ------------8< cut here 8<-----------

   These files contain information about the U.S. Department of Commerce 
   rules for general availability of data which may be useful to participants 
   in BITNET and its international Cooperating Networks:

LEGAL GTDA    --  The GTDA rules for info which may be generally distributed
                   without special Dept of Commerce license
LEGAL COMMERCE -- The Letter of Clarification to CREN (BITNET) from the
                   U.S. Department of Commerce, explaining the issues
                   involved in allowing East Block countries to connect
                   to BITNET (directly or via EARN)
LEGAL COUNSEL --  The opinion of the CREN counsel regarding the implications
                   of allowing the East Block countries to connect to BITNET
   All organizations which use the networks are responsible for ensuring
   their own compliance to the Department of Commerce Rules, so Member
   Representatives, Information Representatives, and others in positions of
   responsibility in the organizations which participate in BITNET or other
   networks should take the time to become familiar with these files and to
   educate their faculty, students, and staff about these responsibilities.
For those that want the files from an FTP site try ANONYMOUS FTP to and directory pub/doc/earn and get the document 


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