Donald Vaughn Faulkner

Jerzy Jurka jurek at JMULLINS.STANFORD.EDU
Fri Jan 11 13:01:48 EST 1991

Donald Vaughn Faulkner has passed away last week.

We knew Don as a brilliant young colleague who mastered
computers and biology to a degree difficult to match by anybody.
He played a crucial role as co-organizer of the Molecular
Biology Computer Research Resource with Temple Smith at Harvard.
I had distinct privilege to meet and work with Don in that group.
He was in command of stubborn computers which many times would
not work for anybody but him. Don generously shared his knowledge,
talents and time with anybody who asked for his help. He was
loved and respected by us.

Don is survived by his most loved ones: wife Laura, little daughter
Megan, parents and two sisters. He is also survived by our community
which continues to benefit from his work.

Don is best known for development of Multiple Aligned Sequence Editor
(MASE, TIBS 13:321,1988) and a widely distributed public domain
software developed at MBCRR.

Don continues to contribute to our every day work but we all miss him
so much.

Jerzy Jurka

Linus Pauling Institute
  of Science and Medicine
jurek at

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