Arabidopsis group - CALL FOR VOTES

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Thu Jan 24 15:56:39 EST 1991

Chris Sommerville at Michigan State University contacted me recently
about having BIOSCI take over maintenance of an already established
mailing list for the Arabidopsis Genome effort.  Because BIOSCI is a
collaborative effort, I am going to follow our usual procedure of
first asking the permission of potential readers.  If you are
interested in participating in the group described below, please send
a message containing the line

Yes on Arabidopsis

to one of the following addresses:

Address					Location	Network
-------					--------	-------
biovote at			Ireland		EARN/BITNET
biovote at			U.K.		JANET
biovote at			Sweden		Internet
biovote at			U.S.A. 		Internet/BITNET

As with the call for the Linkage newsgroup, I need 40 responses by 25
March 1991.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at


The Arabidopsis newsgroup provides a forum for exchange of information among
scientists working with the small crucifer Arabidopsis thaliana.  During the
first six months of operation there was a variety of messages which included:
announcements from federal agencies about funding opportunities, announcements
of postdoctoral positions, requests for protocols, requests for libraries,
clones or strains, discussions about future meetings, the utility of various
procedures, the organization of the Arabidopsis Genome Project and related
issues.  As of early January 1991, there were more than 220 subscribers from
around the world.

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