Call for votes on proposed LINKAGE newsgroup

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Thu Jan 24 15:46:44 EST 1991

We have two calls for votes for new newsgroups.

The first call for votes centers on a proposed Genetic Linkage
newsgroup.  I include the text of the proposal below.  The second call
is for an Arabidopsis genome newsgroup and is described in my next

If you are interested in participating in a linkage newsgroup as
described below, please send a short message saying


to one of the following addresses:

Address					Location	Network
-------					--------	-------
biovote at			Ireland		EARN/BITNET
biovote at			U.K.		JANET
biovote at			Sweden		Internet
biovote at			U.S.A. 		Internet/BITNET

If at least 40 responses are received by 25 March 1991, the group will
be created as part of the BIOSCI newsgroups.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at


I am herein proposing the creation of a new newsgroup, entitled
bionet.molbio.linkage, to be used as an open forum for the discussion of
all aspects of the analysis of genetic linkage.

CHARTER:  Discussion of genetic linkage analysis.

Many researchers and clinicians who have been performing linkage analyses for
many years desperately require a forum for open discussion of the problems they
encounter when applying newly emerging software to the large body of data being
generated by the Human Genome Project. 

It is also appropriate that those people who are involved with producing,
maintaining and supporting this software are also part of the same discussion
group, to create a fruitful dialogue between developer and end-user. 

The group '' is inappropriate for both these purposes.

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