Collaboration on a quick pseudo-RNA project?

Deaddog Ellington at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Wed Jan 9 21:39:51 EST 1991

In article <9101091601.AA07596 at> CLIFF at IBM.COM ("Cliff 
Pickover") writes:

> I'm wondering if anyone would like to fold an artificial Markov RNA
> sequence to see if it looks like "real" RNA folded sequences.

It is almost impossible to create an RNA sequence that doesn't fold up
to look 'real.'  I have sequenced a number of 'random' RNAs of length 
100 (and subsequently folded them); they look as good as tRNA or
portions of Group 1 introns or any other 'real' RNA that you care to
mention.  Given that there are only four bases, and that G can pair
with either U or C and that U can pair with either G or A, it is not
surprising that reasonable secondary structures abound.


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