What are you doing here?

David Coursey davidc at asylum.SF.CA.US
Wed Jan 16 23:04:36 EST 1991

I am writing a story about the Internet/Usenet for InfoWorld, the
weekly PC newsmagazine. Specifically, I am looking for examples
of how the nets are used in people's work and other activities.

So, I ask: How do you use Internet/Usenet in your work? Do you use
the newsfeed? Remote login? File transfers? What? How does this help
you accomplish your task?

I am on a short deadline and need responses quickly! The best ones
will make their way into the story and I will appreciate everyone's help.
The story is supposed to give our readers a taste of what goes on here.

Your responses will make this possible. Please send me a message about
what you do and be sure to include a daytime telephone number where I
can find you on Friday 1/18 or Saturday 1/19.

Thanks in advance for your help.

David Coursey
Dallas Bureau Chief
(214) 343-4742

davidc at asylum.sf.ca.us

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