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Robert Harper harper at
Tue Jan 29 04:02:37 EST 1991

JREES at writes:

>>I am a little confused about the recent series of messages
>>from the IRLEARN LISTSERV, and I think maybe others will be too.
>>I subscribe to bionews through the U.S. site.
>>Are we supposed to confirm our subscriptions, or is this only for those
>>who subscribe through the listserver at IRLEARN?
>>Thanks for the help
>>Michael Gribskov
>>gribskov at

I could try to give some explaination but it would be like trying
to knit a string vest out of spagetti so instead I will only give 
some advice.

1) If you read bionet messages on USENET IGNORE confirm requests
2) If you have subscribed to the BIOSCI node at GENBANK, DARESBURY
   or BMC IGNORE confirm requests.
3) If you are subscribed to the BIOSCI node at IRLEARN then you will
   get a message from LISTSERV at IRLEARN asking you to CONFIRM your
   subscription... so look at the mail address header to see where the
   message is coming from. 

This CONFIRM is a new feature to LISTSERV, and I already warned Dave
Kristofferson that something like this would happen. I have no idea
if this feature can be disabled... I fear it might be hard coded into
LISTSERV. Anyway I will scout around and see if there is any solution.

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