Request for new mailing list creation

Phil J. Curtiss curtiss at
Tue Jan 22 17:00:45 EST 1991

I have tried to find a newsgroup or mailing list that deals with the areas
of computational biology as well as visualization. If there is such a
newsgroup (I would presume it would fall under the bionet hierarchy) or a
mailing list, I would appreciate knowing about it. 

If there is none, then I would like to form a national mailing list which
would be concerned with the following (and related) issues:

	-	Computational Biology
	-	Biomathematics
	-	Visualization (as it pertains to biological processes)
	-	Computer imaging (as it pertains to biological processes)

If you think this would be a good mailing list to have around, then send me
some mail at the address,

		curtiss at

to this effect telling me if you wish to be added.  If there are enough
responses, I will create a mailing list and make the announcement in the
appropriate places. Suggestions for the name of the mailing list would also
be helpful (

Lastly, should the mailing list be successful with moderate activity, I
would like to change it into a moderated newsgroup (possibly keeping the
mailing list around as well) under the bionet hierarchy.  However, I do not
know the procedure for newsgroup creation under the bionet hierarchy.  Could
someone please send me or point me to a document describing what I would
need to do?

Thanks for all the support in this effort.
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