Sorry for any inconvenience

Sat Jan 12 11:17:00 EST 1991

Fellow netters,

We recently have upgraded our antique VAX 11/780 to a VAX 6350 and I
experienced a problem our system folks though they had prevented.
During the 3 weeks it took for the upgrade, any mail sent was
bounced back to the sender telling them that we were not there.

For those of you who have sent me mail and the had a mail box
filled with notices that we have gone into hyper-space, I'm sorry
for any inconvenience this has caused.  For those of you out there
who's computers may be down for more than a few days, I also suggest
that you notify folks not to send mail during that period.

I especially wanted to thank Dave Kristofferson, our friendly GenBank
Manager, for is patience and for having to delete all those bounced
mail messages he must have gotten.

Anyway, it's nice to be connected to the world again.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Thanks and let us hope that a peaceful solution can be found for
the Mid-East situation before any more lives are lost.

        Bruce A. Roe
        Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
        INTERNET: BROE at
        BITNET:   BROE at uokucsvx
        AT&TNET:  405-325-4912 or 405-325-7610
        SnailNet: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
                  University of Oklahoma
                  620 Parrington Oval, Rm 208
                  Norman, Oklahoma 73019
        FAXnet:   405-325-6111

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