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Mon Jul 22 21:05:38 EST 1991

>CZJ at CU.NIH.GOV (Jim Cassatt, one of the GenBank Project Officers) writes:
>...Much of these messages concerned the desire to create versions of
>AUTHORIN for additional platforms (UNIX and VMS) ...
>... (he goes on to comment how the funding is not there for IG to do this)...
>... (he goes on  to expain how AUTHORIN "must be written to the highest 
>    professional standards" and how this "can represent boring hurdles
>    for the hacker", e.g., the scientific community) ... 

Jim, I don't think any of us disagree with the difficulty of writing an
AuthorIn look-alike for VMS (or UNIX) and the need to keep the program
to "professional" standards, but to characterise the VMS-biological community
as just "hackers" is not accurate. Aside from the professional developers
(such as GCG), there are dedicated individuals who have written professional
quality programs (John Cargill and the MASE editor come to mind). I think,
given a chance, an professional-quality AuthorIn look-alike could be
produced without the need for additional funding to IG/GenBank/LANL.

-- Rick

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