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Fri Jul 26 05:28:38 EST 1991

In article <9107252137.AA10645 at>, SCF7 at manvax.bitnet ("MYRNA E. WATANABE") writes:
> I need a bitnet address for anyone in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I am trying
> to contact my colleague in Sao Paulo to discuss our research and NOTHING
> is working.  I would appreciate any help.

Here is the info that you need regarding Brazil, together with 
addresses and telephone numbers. Hopefully it is of some help.

Node: BRUSP    (2745) Alias: BRUSP    (2745) Via: BRUSPVM  Lastup: 90/06/25
 Net: ANSP Country: BR Planet: EARTH Connect: 89/08/01

Site:         Universidade de Sao Paulo
 Abbreviated: Univ de Sao Paulo
 Address:     Centro de Computacao
              Sao Paulo, BR
 Contact:     (Alberto Gomide) GOMIDE at BRFAPESP ((011) 261-0460)
 Postmaster:  (Jose Marinho) POSTMAST at BRUSP ((011) 815-3709)
 Linkfail:    (Jose Marinho) POSTMAST at BRUSP ((011) 815-3709)

Rob "bionaut" Harper

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