CYTOMETRY newsgroup not approved

Stephen Kelley kelley at
Tue Jul 2 16:59:05 EST 1991

In article <CMM.0.88.678489720.kristoff at> kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>The proposed CYTOMETRY newsgroup did not garner the necessary 40 votes
>after 60 days and will not be added to the BIOSCI newsgroups.

I'd like to remind everyone that even without a newsgroup, there is an
active mailing list discussing cytometry, cell biology, and related subjects.
I've included the standard announcement for it below.

Steve Kelley

There is an internet mailing list for discussing cytometry and cytology.

Discussion includes technology in general, instrumentation,
biology of cells and subcellular components, applications involving
cytometry, and anything else anyone wants to discuss.

To join the list, send a note with a working return address to:

	cyto-request at

If you don't get an acknowledgement, either mail to me at 
	kelley at,

or phone me at (317)-494-8638.

Hope to see a good crowd,

Steve Kelley	    kelley at  
Cancer Center Cytometry Laboratories	        (317) 494-8638 -- voice
B050 Hansen LSRB, Purdue University             (317) 494-0517 -- fax
West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907

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