Flames and Facts

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu
Wed Jul 17 12:22:11 EST 1991

While I don't like to put myself in the position of defending people who did
not ask for it, I thought I might quickly respond to a post today that spent a
lot of time taking personal shots at Dave Kristofferson, the Bionet management,
and maybe chimps, but I am not sure about the latter. 

First, creating a file that fills out the GenBank electronic entry form is
not the same as producing the output that AuthorIn does.  As I recollect, 
not only is the flat file produced, but information is present for the
relational format as well.  I could dig up the correspondence regarding why
AuthorIn is preferable, but I would guess that Julie Ryals could do a better
and more current job explaining.

Second, while it is *Dr.* Kristofferson that gets to take most of the community
flack, it is an advisory committee that sets the priorities as to what will
be worked on under the contract, and in what order.  It is *that group* who
decides what platforms will be supported, not Intelligenetics.  I know that,
because I have had this conversation with Dave off-line when the first version
of AuthorIn came out.  We, by the way, offered to work on an X-version, but 
I happen to agree with Dave that there is no 'a priori' reason that anyone
should think that a completely bullet-proof piece of software should come out
of any lab, particularly if, by association, Intelligenetics [or any other 
agency or contractor, for that matter] has to be responsible for it.

The possible support for the UNIX platform, by the way, is a relatively new
development, for which I am appreciative, and is probably in large part due
to Dave's lobbying on behalf of the community.

Ernest F. Retzel

ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu

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