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Biogenesis of Cellulose - Malcolm Brown

Section A: Molecular Genetics
I.M. Saxena, U. Texas - cloning,sequncing and expression of cellulase
synthase gene.

Swein Valla, Trondheim - Molecular genetics of cellulase synthase or
UDP-glu py rophosphorylase.

H.C. Wong, Cetus Corp: Gene cloning work on Acetobacter cellulose
synthase work, project with Weyerhauser.

Robert Cannon, U. North Carolina at Greensboro - Microbial genetics of
cellulose biosynthesis.

Barbara Triplett, USDA, New Orleans - Molecular biology of cotton
cellulose bi osynthesis.

Enrico Cabib, NIH, Bethesda, Chitin synthase parallels with cellulase

Section B: Enzymology and Biochem

Moshe Benziman, Hebrew University, Israel - Regulation of cellulose
biosynthesi s in Acetobacter.

Deborah Delmer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem,Israel - Biochemistry of
cellulose biogenesis in vascular plants

Bruce C. Wasserman, Rutgers University, USA Biochemistry of cellulose
biogenesis in sugar beets

Don Northcote,Cambridge,UK-Biochemistry of cellulose biogenesis

Michael Fevre, Lyons, FranceCellulose biosynthesis in fungi

Likun Li, U. Texas - Biochemistry of cellulose biogenesis,
identification of cellulose synthase

Section C: cytology of cellulose biogenesis

Werner Herth, Heidelberg, Germany - Freeze fracture of TC's

Takao Itoh, Kyoto U. - TC's of giant marine algae

Roibert Seagull, USDA New Orleans - microtubules and control of
cellulose microfibril orientation in cotton

Shun Mizuta, Kochi Univ. - Cellulose microfibril assembly in Vaucheria

Eric Roiberts, Texas Tech- Biogenesis of cellulose II allomorph

Khripunov, USSR or V.V. Lozovaya , Kazan Inst of Biol - effects of
phytohormones on cotton cellulose bniogenesis


I believe Malcolm intends that he will be the plenary lecturer in this

Note that he has selected all 18 of his speakers with no room for
contributions unless someone does not come.

I have been asked to organize a tutorial and symposium on "Static and
Dynamic Aspects of Polysaccharide Modeling" for the American Chemical
Society meeting to be held April 5-10, 1992 in SanFrancisco, CA.  This
a general request for contributions to the symposium and also a
request for a volunteer to deal with the area of quantum chemical
modeling of carbohydrates and their model compounds.  If you are
interested please advise at one of the addresses shown below. 


Bill Winter

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