Irene Anne Eckstrand IAE at CU.NIH.GOV
Thu Jul 18 06:51:31 EST 1991

Dave Kristofferson is absolutely correct that the decision to
produce PC and MAC versions of Authorin and to consider producing
a UNIX version was made by the scientific advisors for GenBank.
These advisors provide advice to the National Institute of General
Medical Sciences at NIH about the directions GenBank should take,
and NIGMS, in turn, makes decisions about allocating resources
to GenBank.  Based on very encouraging information about the use
of the PC and MAC versions, the advisors suggested that NIGMS
take a look at the costs and benefits of producing a UNIX version.
In collaboration with the National Center for Biotechnology
Information, which will assume responsibility for GenBank in
late 1992, we are doing just that.

Interest in a VAX/VMS version has been cool;  however, we are
willing to listen to arguments.  Please feel free to send me - or
my co-project officer (Dr. James Cassatt - czj at cu.nih.gov) -

I also want to express my full support for Dave Kristofferson's
management of the bulletin boards.  Without his efforts, both in
day-to-day management and in lobbying everyone in sight about the
importance of the boards, I can assure you that there would be NO
bulletin board system.  I trust that the boards will continue to
provide a valuable forum for scientists to question and ponder, as
well as be an important method for distributing information and

Irene Anne Eckstrand, Ph.D.
GenBank Project Officer
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
e-mail address:  iae at cu.nih.gov

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