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harper at csc.fi harper at csc.fi
Fri Jul 26 05:43:59 EST 1991

In article <3F9203600020946B at splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu>, GRAZIAWD at SPLAVA.CC.PLATTSBURGH.EDU ("William D. Graziadei") writes:
> Recently, Rob Harper sent some great info concerning various compression
> programs. Some files for transfer via ftp have a *.c extension. Does any-
> one have any idea what archiver to use after downloading these files?

Hmmm... it looks like the VMS/UNIX/MSDOS worlds have difficulties talking
with each other. Explaination time. I made the zoo21.arc for a couple
of reasons... I thought everyone would have and know about ARC, and I did not
want to use the new ZOO to pack because of incompatabilities.

When some people said they wanted it packed in ZOO format I even put that up
on the server... I was even considering making a VMSSHAR file.

So considering the difficulties that some people are having I will make
a new directory for the ZOO sources so that they will be in plain ascii.
You will find them in /pub/sci/molbio/vax/zoosrc


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