Protocals, man-apes & censors

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Wed Jul 17 10:47:35 EST 1991

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From: Will Gilbert on Wed, Jul 17, 1991 11:46 AM
Subject: Protocals, man-apes & censors

Well, let's watch this one blow up in my face....

Last monday there was a posting regarding the availablity of the Genbank
Transaction Protocal in reference to a version or fascimile of the AUTHORIN
program for VAX/VMS computer.  My comment was that there exists a large number
of programmers who could provide such a program for the community.  Mr.
Kristofferson responded quickly and brutally denoucing my suggestion, pointing
out that reliance on such software is impractical and irresponsible.  Most of
the software available today was pioneered by nonprofessional programmers
working in labs.  Most of our societies' commercial technology begins as basic

This morning, Tony Kyne, of WEHI Melbourne AU, describes a VMS implementation
which his users prefer to AUTHORIN.  I hope to obtain Tony's program for my
site.  A version which generates a file conforming with Genbank Transaction
Proctocol should be encouraged by the Genbank management.  Instead the attitude
was that a  UNIX port is under discussion and after that no other hardware
platforms will be considered, read VMS, perhaps?

Yesterday, a question regarding interspecies mating was posted.  Mr.
Kristofferson once again put in his $0.02 denoucing the query as "drivel" and
inappropiate for this board.  This has occured many times in the past.

The time has come when I feel that I must speak up and protest the domineering
attitude coming from Mr. Kristofferson in his management of this board. The
membership of the board has the ability to speak out and flame down  or ignore
any topics which may be considered inappropriate.

These opinions are entirely my own and not of my employer.

Thus said, let those flames begin.

William Gilbert
gilbert at

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