Where's my daddy?

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>>                               The parents are two female humans.
>>What I imagined doing was taking a donor sperm and replacing its nucleus with
>>that of an egg from woman 1.  Then, of course, I'd fertilize woman 2's egg
>>with it.
>It's not the protein that determines the outcome, but on present knowledge it
>seems to be the methylation pattern (imprinting) of the female and male

The person originating this discussion should have a look at this 
Tuesday's New York Times Science section (July 16, page B5), there is an
article by Gina Kolata on the subject of imprinting and "different"
patterns of inheritence.  There is also an article by the same author in
a recent issue of Science, but I do not have that reference here.

>So Nature seems designed to ensure that we all have a mother and a father,
>and men may be of some use after all.

a nice thought!


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