GENBANK Transaction Protocol

Gilbert at VAX.WI.EDU Gilbert at VAX.WI.EDU
Mon Jul 15 07:58:51 EST 1991

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From: Will Gilbert on Mon, Jul 15, 1991  8:58 AM
Subject: GENBANK Transaction Protocol
To: BioNET
Is the Genbank Transaction Protocol available?  If so, some kind soul or
commercial entity (GCG, Inc.) might be willing to write the VMS and UNIX

The protocol could be made available via anonymous FTP along with the "standard"
lists of reponses used by the AUTHORIN program.  The standard list could be
update by this mechanism by the end user.

There are alot of qualified programmer in our community who would be willing to
take such a project for the common good.  Does this sound like the old "thousand
points of light speech" or what?  How 'bout "let a thousand flower bloom".

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