Mapping species distribution

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Subject: Mapping species distribution

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  > We are looking for a program or program set that will assist >
  us in keeping track of plant species and creating species

  > If anyone has any ideas or suggested contacts please write

  We have an excellent experience with QWIKMap program
  developed and distributed by ESL Environmental Sciences Ltd.,
  P.O.Box 2219, 2045 Mills Road, Sidney, B.C., V8L 3S8
  Phone: 604-656-1922 Fax: 604-656-4511
  It cost around $900 and runs on IBM PC, preferably 386 (co-processor recommend

  Data are entered in the form of a dBase III+, IV, FoxPro etc.
  file. Each dot (or any other chosen or created symbol) on the
  map represents one record. You can access the data base from the
  map and check a record for each dot, etc., etc. Very user-friendly and ergonom
ic program. Good reason for switching from
  MacIntosh to IBM.

  Regards,  Adolf

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