CYTOMETRY newsgroup not approved

Tom Schneider toms at
Fri Jul 5 09:30:35 EST 1991

In article <14238 at> kelley at (Stephen Kelley)

>I'd like to remind everyone that even without a newsgroup, there is an
>active mailing list discussing cytometry, cell biology, and related subjects.
>I've included the standard announcement for it below.

I don't understand why such mailing lists exist.  I don't use them much because
they clutter my mail box.  The net news programs (rn under unix) work very
nicely.  Why would anybody want to use an alternative mechanism?

And besides, if you want to start a discussion on one of those topics, what's
wrong with doing it in a general bionet group?  You'd reach a lot more people
that way.  And maybe the rest of us would learn about the interesting things
you folks are up to.

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