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David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Fri Jul 26 12:12:01 EST 1991

Two quick comments:

> Secondly, access to bionet in any form usually implies a central
> computer facility.  Persuading your university or research institute
> or whatever to switch from bitnet to internet can approach
> impossibility.  Thus, bionet will probably have to live with reading
> lists for some time, or else cut off a portion of its readership,
> which would be a shame.

Actually this change may occur faster than we might expect.  I was
astounded in the last readership survey that over 40% of the responses
were coming from people using USENET news software.  While one can
think of a number of reasons for this statistic (i.e., those of us who
use USENET are morely likely to be interested and respond in the first
place), it was still far higher than I expected.  Although biologists
are late comers to the network scene compared to computer jocks, I
have an article of faith that they will catch on faster than many
might expect.  Thanks to Jack Kramer for carrying the torch once

> P.S. Whenever I follow up an article to bionet.general, it
> automatically gets sent to bionet.followup, unless I remember to
> change this before I send.  This just happened to me, so somewhere (on
> bionet.followup??) is a copy of this message.
> (1) Where do messages to bionet.followup go?
> (2) Can we make this stop?

Unfortunately this illustrates that the road to USENET has some
problems too.  There is no bionet.followup group and any postings to
that will fail.  The above problem is due to a bug in some versions of
USENET software based on some old USENET conventions, i.e., this is
sort of like software appendicitis (I can hear all of the
non-converted groaning already, but hey, it's free software!!).  Eliot
Lear is out of town at the moment, but I'll request that he post a fix
for this when he gets back later next week.  In the interim, just edit
bionet.followup out of the header of your posting before completing


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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