Chimp/human hybrid

Sat Jul 20 09:03:00 EST 1991

>  Chris Colby <colby at BU-BIO.BU.EDU>
>  benefits of human/chimp hybrid experiment?

>let's think for just a moment about what scientific benefits would
>be derived from the proposed experiment.
>By doing numerous chromosome swapping experiments
>it could be determined how many genes contribute to reproductive
>isolation of the two species.

The first objection to the experiment is, why humans?  If you are
simply interested in the issue of what determines species
differences, many, MANY other species pairs are better candidates
becasue of short generation time, ease of manipulating crosses,
information on genetics, information on phylogenetic history,
etc.  If you insist on working with humans a better experiment
is simply to do gene-gene matching in a test-tube with no
need to do the actual crosses.

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