Date stamping software

Jack Kramer - Biophysics kramer at beasley.CS.ORST.EDU
Wed Jul 17 20:52:51 EST 1991

In article <1700 at> jckelley at (John Kelley) writes:
>Being involved with a group doing molecular biology work that may
>be patentable, we are very interested in maintaining valid

I'll put my asbestos underware on again and...

I am totally flabbergasted and appalled!

Is this really a request for information on obtaining "patents" from 
a United States government (NIH) organization?  

Is the federal government using tax dollars to directly compete with private
individuals and businesses.

If it really is does it mean that as a contributing shareholder (form 1040) 
that I am intitled to dividends? Where can I get an Annual Report?

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