Longer discussions; keep them, but have a way to shift them.

John Kuszewski kuszewsk at euler.biology.yale.edu
Wed Jul 24 15:30:28 EST 1991

GHJ at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk writes
> Just a thought about longer or more trivial discussions. Really they
> ought to happen - the real issue is that some of us want to avoid the
> stream of messages & others don't. Just to quote two pointers from
> others:

Haven't you ever heard of kill files?  If not, read your rn documentation--you  
can filter out messages with a given subject line, if that thread doesn't  
interest you.  Some newsreaders can also edit out the writings of any  
particular (presumably annoying) person.  

If you're not reading this through USENET, get with the program! 
John Kuszewski
kuszewsk at euler.biology.yale.edu
Robert Morris went to my high school.

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