ZOO compilation and linking with VMS

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>(Mike Fessler) writes:
>>Usually, files with the *.c extension aren't archived programs at all--
>>rather, they're source code in the C programming language.
>>In order to compile and run them, you'll need to check into the
>>C compiler facilities available at your site.
>>Hope this was of help,
>>Mike Fessler, Brown '93
>This is correct. If you have the sources on a UNIX just type "make",
>and the makefile will do all the work for you to compile the code.
>Under VMS there is a "com" file called VMSBUILD.COM which does does exactly
>the same thing in that it will give all the compiler commands to the
>different .c source codes and compile BILF FIZ and ZOO for you.

        If this is the VMSBUILD.COM from the original distribution, VMS'ers
should note the following.

        The build procedure creates two exectutables (ZOO.EXE and ZOOBIG.EXE).
ZOO.EXE was linked to the shared C library, and will only run on nodes that
have the same or a higher version of VMS (e.g., if it was built on a VMS V5.4
system, it won't work on a V5.3 system).  ZOOBIG.EXE is twice as bit (180 vs.
90 blocks = 90 vs. 45 KBytes) because it was linked to the OLB rather than
shared C library, but it is portable across VMS V4.7 through V5.4).  If such
portability is a factor at your site get/use ZOOBIG.EXE (renamed to ZOO.EXE
when you install it on your system).


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