David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Jul 17 19:51:32 EST 1991

> 	If there is interest, I will try to get time to cut this
> module from our system, and make it a standalone program and make it
> available for anonymous ftp access. This might take a week or two. OR
> would the database collators prefer that I did not complicate
> matters???

Since the data submission form is still an accepted mode of operation
I don't see how we can be opposed to someone doing this.  It would be
clear that this was a different program from Authorin.  My concern is
more specifically related to the question of Authorin itself.  If
there are many versions out there which all *look* like Authorin to
end users (because people have made individual hacks to the original
source), the possibility for confusion about which is the "real"
tested version arises.

You are also absolutely correct that for VAX users it is less
convenient to have to transfer the sequence to another machine than to
have a program that runs on the VAX and submits the sequence over the
network.  My previous statement meant only that there are no resources
in the GenBank contract for a VAX version of Authorin.  It did not
mean that it would not be a good idea to do one.


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