Hybrids and discussions

Thu Jul 18 10:18:00 EST 1991

 RE: Human/chimp hybrids

>  The discussion could be

   Actually, the most appropriate forum would be POP-BIO; where
are all of my fellow evolutionary biologists on this??
Unfortunately, despite the attempts of some of us to turn this
discussion towards more general and important issues in the
question of speciation processes, it has degenerated into
a squabble over appropriateness 8-).  I appreciate Dave's
awkward position vis-a-vis trying to oversee something as
unwieldy as the BIO news groups.  Although it is true that
BIONEWS should be reserved for general announcements, it
also serves as the one place for starting a discussion that
crosses discipline lines.  I, like many, only subscribe to
a handful of the specialized lists and those only in areas
of direct interest.  The beauty of having something like
BIONEWS is that people from outside ones own sub-specialty
can bring up ideas and talk to across the lines without
having to track them down.  The one limitation with the
current system is that there is no good way to "spin-off"
a brief (ie 1-2 week) discussion into some corner.
Although we sometimes speak of this medium as a year-round
conference, it is still awkward relative to the dynamics
of face-to-face meetings.  That is probably one reason why
many are still reluctant to join in with the discussions.
Personally, I am willing to endure a few extra minutes in
the morning checking out unwanted mail in order to
occassionally turn up interesting information.  I suspect
most complaints come from those who let their mail pile
up for a few days or more 8-).

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