A book

Cliff Pickover cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Thu Jun 27 10:16:10 EST 1991

The following book might be interesting to some of you.  The title is
"Computers and The Imagination".  Topics:  Chaos, molecular genetics,
fractals, visualization, speculation, recreational mathematics, computer
art, biology simulations, and a lot more.  400 illustrations.  430
pages.  Color.  Hardcover.  The author is C. Pickover.  It has a reduced
price of $26.95 for orders received in the month of July and $29.95
thereafter.  The ordering address is:  Garrett Kiely, St. Martin's
Press, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010 USA.

Here is a sampling of chapter titles:  Butterfly Curves, Continued-Root
Fractals, The Cancer Conundrum, Building Your Own Artificial Spider Webs,
Pain-inducing Patterns, Desktop Evolution, Twisted Mirror Worlds, Fossil
Seahsell Growth, Turning a Universe Inside Out, Monkey Curves,
Visualizing Cantor Cheese Construction, Chimpanzee/Man Hybrid, A Pattern
Based on the Mandelbrot Set, Computer-Generated Poetry, The Amazon Skull
Game, The Schoenberg Space-Filling Curve, Pentagonal Kaleidoscopes,
Squashed Worlds, Computer Exoskeletons, Fractal Faces, Million-Point
Sculptures,  etc.

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