1991 Dendroecological Fieldweek

Mon Jun 10 10:29:00 EST 1991

Dear Forum Members,
   From August 16th to the 26th I will be hosting a second North American
Dendroecological Fieldweek on the H.J.Andrews Experimental Forest near
Blue River Oregon.  The goal of these events is to focus the combined
knowledge and expertise of participants in answering straight-forward
questions, presented by the local environment, emphasizing the use of
tree-ring techniques.  Participants are divided into small working groups
lead by an experienced dendrochronologist and together collect, prepare,
analyze and present their findings.  Field study topics are designed to
illustrate how different ecological parameters such as climate, geology,
hydrology, volcanism, and stand dynamics may be correlated with tree-ring
data and used in delineating significant environmental interations.  This
year's group leaders are, Hal Fritts, Malcolm Hughes, Steve Leavitt,
Elaine Sutherland and Marion Parker.  Implicit in the Fieldweek program
is encouragement for multi-disciplinary approaches to ecological research.
Field trips and evening seminars presented by invited speakers are also
included to expose participants to the ecology of the region and the many
possible applications of dendrochronological methods.  To find out more
about this year's program please feel free to contact me on the computer
at "pkrusic at asrr.arsusda.gov" on Internet or "pkrusic at umdars" on Bitnet, or
drop me a line c/o USDA Forest Service, Northeast Forest Expriment Station
P.O. Box 640 Durham, NH 03824 USA  (603) 868-5576.  Registration is limited
to 35 to encourage close interaction among participants.
Paul J. Krusic

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