labelled non-ionic surfactant/detergent

Bill C Ebener bebener at
Wed Jun 12 16:00:40 EST 1991

I am looking for a carbon or tritium labelled member of a non-ionic surfactant (or detergent) group polyoxyethylene sorbitan derivative.  Some members of this group are Tween-20, Tween-21, and Tween-80.  An extensive chemical company search has shown no such compounds are commonly stocked (special orders are available, but very expensive).  We are attempting to use these compounds in absorption and translocation studies of herbicides in plants.  Any information (availability from private company or researc

h stock) as to obtaining some of these labelled compounds would be appreciated.
Also, need literature sources on HPLC separation of non-ionic surfactants/detergents like Triton X-100 and Tween-20 from a mixture.  Thanks.
--- Later, EB  

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