1st Announcement - Congress on the Biocomputing and Human Genome

Thu Jun 13 03:38:00 EST 1991

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The Role of Biocomputing in the Characterization of
Human Genome Sequences

October 13-14, 1991

Tecnopolis Novus Ortus

Valenzano - Bari, Italy

1st Announcement

- "Progetto Finalizzato Ingegneria Genetica Sottoprogetto Genoma Umano"
- "Progetto Strategico Biotecnologie e Biostrumentazione"
- "Progetto Speciale Bioinformatica"

Honorary Committee
- Attilio Alto                  Rettore Universit< degli Studi di Bari (Italy)
- Gianfranco Dioguardi          Presidente Tecnopolis CSATA, Bari (Italy)
- Luigi Rossi Bernardi          Presidente C.N.R. (Italy)

Scientific Committee
- Renato Dulbecco
        President of the Salk Institute, San Diego, CA
- Martin Bishop
        MRC Molecular Genetics Unit, Cambridge (U.K.)
- Cecilia Saccone
        Dipartimento di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare
        Universita' degli Studi di Bari (Italy)
- Glauco Tocchini-Valentini
        Istituto di Biologia Cellulare C.N.R.,Roma (Italy)

Organizing Committee
- Marcella Attimonelli
        Dipartimento di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare
                Universit< degli Studi di Bari (Italy)
- Lorenzo Cellamare
        Tecnopolis CSATA, Bari (Italy)
- Paolo Vezzoni                 ITBA C.N.R., Milano (Italy)

Organizing Secretariat
- Centro Internazionale Congressi
  Viale Papa Pio XII, 18
  70124 Bari (Italy)
  Tel. +39 - 80 - 517299
  Fax +39 - 80 - 514533

With the collaboration of the Communication Department of Tecnopolis
Csata Novus Ortus

The Human Genome Project entails a worldwide activity aimed at studying
the human DNA, the location of all its genes and their nucleotide sequences.
Hence a massive quantity of data is being produced, whose reliable storage,
processing and classification require the usage of more and more sophisticated
bioinformatic tools.
This workshop will review the most recent advances in the field of
Bioinformatics regarding the analysis of biosequences.
It will also identify future developments in, and uses of, new bioinformatic
tools for fast characterization of raw sequence data with particular reference
to the Human Genome Project.

A. Bairoch                                      D.J. Lipman
D. Benson                                       B. Keil
G. Bernardi                                     N. Kolchanov
M. Bishop                                       C. Matessi
G. Cameron                                      H. W. Mewes
A. F. W. Coulson                                V. A. Ratner
R. Doolittle                                    C. Sander
C. Frontali                                     E. Trifonov

Sunday, October 13
                        Introductory Remarks
                                -       Morning session
                        Biocomputing and the Human Genome Project
                                -       Afternoon session
                        Fast Characterization of Raw Sequence Data

Monday, October 14
                                        -       Morning session
                        Work Station Session (Network Connection)
                        Poster Presentation and Discussion
                        Short Talks by Representatives of the Various

                        Operative Units of the C.N.R. Special Project

                                        -       Afternoon session
                        Molecular Evolution: a Tool for Understanding.
                        Open discussion
                        Concluding Remarks

A poster presentation and discussion session will be held on Monday October 14.
Posters will be on exhibition for the two conference days.
Poster presentation specifications and abstract form will be sent only upon requ
Poster presenters are envisaged to treat the following topics:
- Fast Characterization of Raw Sequence Data
- Molecular Evolution: a Tool for Understanding
- Specialized Data Bases: a Need for the Human Genome Project

Conference location
The conference will be held at Tecnopolis Novus Ortus, Valenzano - Bari, Italy.
Tecnopolis Novus Ortus, the first Science Park in Italy, is an innovative
infrastructure to foster a technology based development of Southern regions.
It is focused on advanced industrial applications of the New Information
Since 1989 it has been experimenting the Tecnopolis Programme, financed by the
national Ministry for Special Intervention for Southern Italy. The Programme
aims at experimenting and assessing global policy of the Science Park as an
original model based on an organic combination of industrial, R&D, educational
activities and the promotion of the economic and cultural development.
In collaboration with the "CNR Bari Area di Ricerca", Tecnopolis represents
a national node of the European network EMBNET (European Molecular Biology

Bari (450,000 inhabitants) is the capital of Apulia, one of the most active
regions in southern Italy. The presence of a large University with more than
50.000 students makes Bari one of the most important reference point for the
cultural and scientific development.

Conference Language
English is the official conference language.

All conference attendees are required to register in advance.
The registration form will be sent upon request along with next announcement.
A limited number of registrations will be accepted.

Registration Fee
Lit. 180.000 VAT included (approximately $ 145)
The fee covers:
- The conference kit and the abstract volume
- Lunch on October 13 and 14
- Gala dinner on October 13
- Coffee breaks
- Shuttle bus service Tecnopolis-Hotels

Hotel Accommodation
Blocks of rooms  in various hotels in Bari have been reserved by the Organizing
The hotel rates - breakfast included - are approximately the following:
                                    Rate per Night
        Hotel Category          Single room             Double room
          4 star hotel          Lit. 170.000              Lit. 230.000
          3 star hotel          Lit. 100.000              Lit. 170.000
          2 star hotel          Lit.   70.000             Lit.   50.000
Hotel accommodation forms will be enclosed with the next announcement

Preliminary Application Form
If you wish to receive the next announcement and/or the poster specifications
and abstract form please fill in the enclosed preliminary application form
and send it to the Organizing Secretariat  Centro Internazionale Congressi
by June, 30 1991.
For a first contact you may communicate by e-mail to the following address
ATTIMONELLI at mvx36.csata.it

How to reach Bari
By air: Bari airoport has several daily flights to and from Rome, Milan, Turin.
                Direct flights also operate three times a week to and from Paris
    (Sun.,              Tue., Thu.) and Frankfurt (Mon., Wed., Sat.).
By train: Bari is connected by Intercitiy and TEE trains to all important cities
By car: Motorways A14 and A16 connect Bari to Rome (about 4 hours'drive)
        and Nothern Italy. (Aggiungere piantina Italia e/o Puglia)

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