Is there a bionet archive??

Robert Harper harper at
Sun Jun 2 04:39:22 EST 1991

yablonsky at writes:

MY> I would like to know is if there exists an archive of the past discussions 
MY> of this and the other bionet groups which can be searched via short
MY> text strings?  Also is there an FTP site or bitnet server which maintains
MY>  these archives?
MY>  Thanks,
MY>  Mike

You can get logs of notebooks from IRLEARN if you want information
in monthly chunks. If you want to be more specific then you need LDBASE
and a BITNET node or use some batch mail methods from an Internet node.

I will send you BioBit No 12 which deals with how to get and use LDBASE
and you can try it from you Bitnet node.

Rob "before you can be a prophet you have to be a shepherd" Harper

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