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Subject: Polish connection to EARN (from PLEARN-L)
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Subject: Polish connection to EARN
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IBM-EMEA made the following announcement this morning:

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 May 29, 1991

 WARSAW, Poland -- The Polish Minister of National Education and
 representatives from 14 of Poland's leading universities today signed a
 cooperation agreement with IBM, launching a major initiative in university
 computing in Poland.

 The project is part of the IBM Eastern Europe Academic Initiative, which
 was created in April 1990. It will bring advanced information technology to
 researchers and students across Poland. A center at the University of
 Warsaw will be equipped by IBM with state-of-the-art hardware and system
 and application software appropriate to the needs of Poland's academic
 community and the country's developing economy. IBM will also provide
 training and education for the scientific staff of the center and will thus
 help to increase the level of information technology skills, skills that
 are vital for competitive economies.

 Other Polish universities participating in the network are from Poznan,
 Wroclaw, Krakow, Gliwice, Katowice, Szczecin, Torun, Lulin, Lodz and

 The equipment IBM is providing will form the backbone of a computer network
 linking these universities with each other and with similar networks
 created by IBM in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and western Europe, such as EARN
 (European Academic Research Network). Through this advanced tool academics
 and researchers in institutes of higher education will be able to exchange
 information and improve cooperation across national boundaries.  In the
 long term, this will help Poland to build a viable infrastructure.

 Poland's Minister of National Education, Professor Dr Robert Glebocki, and
 Dilip Chandra, General Manager for IBM in Eastern and Central Europe,
 together with representatives from the 14 universities, signed the
 agreement in the Senate Room of the Kazimierzowski Palace - the office of
 the Rector of the University of Warsaw - in Warsaw.

 After a welcome by the Rector of the University of Warsaw, Professor Andzej
 Wroblewski, Dilip Chandra outlined the benefits this IBM initiative is
 bringing to Poland by the transfer of technology and management skills.
 "Without education there can be no effective communication between people,
 but it is surely also true that without communication there can be no
 education, especially here in Europe.  Today's agreement is an important
 step towards a European academic community without borders."

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Date: 7 Jun 91 14:46:42 GMT
From: ZIELINSKI at NYUACF.BITNET (Marek Zielinski)
Subject: Pigulki #6 available
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The next issue of PIGULKI is now available. The "network" section brings
three articles on building EARN and FIDONET networks in Poland, as seen
from Warsaw. There is also a postscript on Project Tempus, Jurek
Klimkowski's Travelogue, and regular departments:


   P I G U L K I  an occasional electronic collection of news
                  analysis, press reviews, and humor from/about
                  Poland and the Polish community abroad

     June 5, 1991                             No. 6

In this issue:

      IN POLAND (Part I of II)              by Andrzej Smereczynski
     POLISH BITNET: HOW IT ALL STARTED      by Jacek Gajewski
     FIDONET IN POLAND                      by Jan Stozek

  Polish Affairs
     TEMPUS - a postscript                  by Jacek Ulanski
     Chronicle                              by Dave Phillips

  Back Page:   Fisherman of Judea           by Jurek Klimkowski

  Notes on Contributors

Reguests for single copies and subscriptions can be sent to any of the

     ___Name_______  ___Service Area___  ____Net_Address_______
     Dave Phillips   - N.America       - davep at acsu.buffalo.edu
     Marek Zielinski - W.Europe/Poland - zielinsk at nyuacf.bitnet
     Wojtek Chudoba  - Sweden/Poland   - d87-wch at nada.kth.se

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