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Subject: Symposium on Gigabit Networks (from comp.protocols.tcp-ip)
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From: RICHER at VAX.DARPA.MIL (Ira Richer)
Subject: symposium
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Invitation to:
Symposium on Gigabit Networks
Sponsored by DARPA, DOE, NASA, NSF
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John Armstrong, VP for Sci and Tech, IBM;
Solomon Buchsbaum, Senior VP, Tech Systems, AT&T Bell Labs;
John Rollwagen, Chairman and CEO, Cray Research;
Raymond Smith, Chairman and CEO, Bell Atlantic; and
Eugene Wong, Associate Director, Office of Sci and Tech Policy, Exec
  Office of the Pres

July 15, 16 and 17, 1991
Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC
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Research and development efforts are underway across the network
community to design and build networks that run at speeds on the
order of one gigabit (one billion bits) per second or more.

These new ultraspeed networks are enabling new and exciting
applications in science, business and education.  But many
challenges face their designers in areas of technology, architecture
and desired functionality.

Moreover, open issues exist in both the business and policy arenas.
Resolution of these challenges and issues will determine the shape
of these future ultraspeed networks.

The symposium has been created to provide an overview of the
current state-of-the-are in gigabit networks, and to provide in-
depth discussions of the critical issues facing designers, users,
policymakers and planners.
- ----------------------

General Chairman:  Ira Richter, DARPA
Program Chairman:  Albert Vezza, MIT

Steering Committee:
Francis Balint, NOAA
John Cavallini, DOE
Darleen Fisher, NSF
Daniel Masys, NLM
Kevin Mills, NIST
Joan Novak, EPA
Elaine Stout, USGS
Anthony Villasenor, NASA

Technical Program Committee:
Geoffrey Baehr, Sun Microsystems
Alan Baratz, IBM
Bill Buzbee, NCAR
David Farber, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Richard Gitlin, AT&T Bell Labs
Robert Kahn (Chairman), CNRI
Leonard Kleinrock, UCLA
F. Thomas Leighton, MIT
John Ousterhout, UC Berkeley
Stewart Personick, Bellcore
Daniel Swinehart (V. Chairman), Xerox
David Walden, BBN
Richard Watson, Lawrence Livermore, National Labs
William Wulf, Univ of Virginia

- - --------------------------------------------------------
Switching Technology
Chairman: Eric Nussbaum, Bellcore (retired)
State-of-the-art of switching technology - Key issues in switch design
such as scaling, architec- ture, engineering tradeoffs and commercial
viability- Perspectives of telecommunications and computer vendors

WANs, MANs, LANs and PANs
Chairman: Vinton Cerf, CNRI
Architecture, technology and standards for wide area, metropolitan
area, local area and personal area gigabit networks - Network
interconnection issues

Theoretical Considerations
Chairman: Leonard Kleinrock, UCLA
Algorithmic concepts and theoretical results impacting design and
performance of ultraspeed networks - Critical issues of network
stability, control routing, resource allocation and performance

Business and Policy Challenges
Chairmen:  Ira Richer, DARPA and William Wulf, U. of Virginia
Double session covering perspectives of users, cariers, technology
suppliers, and government policy makers - Business, economic,
regulatory,plan- ning and standards issues concerning the emergence of
gigabit networks

System Software Services
Chairman: Duane Adams, CMU
Focus on models for system software to support gigabit networks -
operating systems, protocol implementations, programming techniques
for distributed systems, and distributed system

Future Applications
Chairman:  Michael Dertouzous, MIT
Untapped applications of ultraspeed networks for education and
training, business and commerce finance and banking, science and
technology, and entertainment and other consumer services

Host and Network Interfacing
Chairman: Gregory Chesson, Silicon Graphics
Interconnecting host computers and networks - Design options for
computer interfaces,, outboard processors, network adapters and
controllers - speed and efficiency considerations

Digital Video and Imaging
Chairman: David Walden, BBN
Role of digital video and imaging systems in the context of ultraspeed
networks - Key issues of production, storage, processing, distribution
and display of digital video and images - Digital video standards -
Overview of the state-of the-art digital video

Implications for Scientific Research
Chairman: Sidney Karin, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Impact of gigabit networks in advanced scientific research - Role on
the university campus and in the research community - Examples from
the physical and medical sciences

Optical Networks
Chairman:  Paul Henry, AT&T
State-of-the-art of optical network technology - Optical devices,
optical systems, and architectural implications of optical networks -
Advantages and disadvantages of these optical networks vs. electronic
ones - Viability of optical networks.

Attendance will be limited and registration accepted on a first
come, first served basis.

Please return the Registration Form with your payment today to take
advantage of the reduced rate of $495.

- - -----------------------------------------------------
Symposium of Gigabit Networks
c/o Laboratory for Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
545 Technology Sq., Room 103
Cambridge, MA  02139

July 15-17, 1991
$495 - Registration postmarked by June 15, 1991
$595 - Registration postmarked after June 15, 1991


Method of Payment -

____Credit Card
Account No. - Expiration Date - Cardholder's Signature




____Check enclosed, payable to SYMPOSIUM ON GIGABIT NETWORKS


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