Mathematics and Beauty

Cliff Pickover cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Fri Jun 7 08:24:34 EST 1991

For those who follow this series of Mathematics and Beauty papers,
the following just-published paper may be of interest.
It also has relevance to finding patterns in DNA sequneces using
graphic methods.

Pickover, C., Khorasani, E. (1991) Visualization of the
Gleichniszahlen-Reihe, an Unusual Number Theory Sequence, Mathematical
Spectrum, 23(4):  113-115.

To inquire about how to get a copy of this article, the address is:
Mathematical Spectrum, Hicks Building, The University, Sheffield S3 7RH

Another just-published paper in this series is:

Pickover, C. (1991) The Lute of Pythagoras.  Algorithm 2(3): 8-9.

The address for Algorithm is PO Box 29237, Westmount Postal Outlet,
785 Wonderland Road, London, Ontario, CANADA N6K 1M6 (This newsletter
has lot of interesting articles concerning recreational computer

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