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Fri Jun 28 00:24:03 EST 1991

In article <1991Jun27.131046.3683 at> harper at (Robert
Harper) writes:
>As one of my first attempts at running WAIS I chose the LIMB database
>as a suitable candidate as a SOURCE. It is on as limb.src
>If I do a search with WAIS for ( 5S rRNA ) it delivers three hits
>BRD, SRRSD and SRSRSC. The first one does not have a
>The second one you can try fox at uhrcc2.bitnet or fox at
>and for the third one  DEWACHTER at CCV.UIA.AC.BE
>Rob "WAIS" Harper
I'm sorry, but could you explain that!
Are you using WAIS to search LIMB on a foreign machine or did
you bring LIMB over to yours?
And what's a  ""?
Anyone else also had a problem un-binhexing WAIS and the demo?
I got an error in both (twice).
Maybe I'll try the Houston server.

 Chris "hexed" Upton (apologies to Rob)

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