PCR and Cloning Courses

MYRNA E. WATANABE SCF7 at manvax.bitnet
Thu Jun 6 10:15:00 EST 1991

Two courses are being offered at College of Mt. St. Vincent, Bronx, N.Y.
They are:

July 8
Introductory level
1 day
75% labwork, 25% lecture
amplification of DNA from human hair
magnesium titration
Maximum enrollment, 16
*The Polymerase Chair Reaction (PCR) process is covered by patents
issued to Cetus Corp. and the use of the process requires a license from
the patent holder.

July 9-12
introductory level
4 days
75% labwork, 25% lecture
restriction enzyme analysis
agarose gel electrophoresis
transformation of E. coli
Southern blotting
non-radioactive hybridization analysis
plasmid purification
maximum enrollment, 16

For registration and additional information contact:

Dr. Frances Cardillo
Biotechnology Program
Manhattan College\ College of Mt. St. Vincent
Bronx, NY 10460
Tel.: 212-549-8000 x367
FAX: 212-549-0915

(Please do not send e-mail replies to the return e-mail address.)

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