Looking for DNA screening.

Paul T Barnett ptb at world.std.com
Thu Jun 13 20:43:45 EST 1991

I'm not sure where I should post this, so I'll try this newgroup and
ask someone to cross-post it to the appropriate one if necessary:

It was hard to miss all the controversy with Honest Abe when the gene
associated with Marfans Syndrome was identified, but I am having
trouble finding someone or someplace that will do a DNA screening for
normal (?) folks.

My doctor thinks it is a good idea, but he was unable to find a
commercially available test.  Paraphrasing him:  Only the research
centers are doing it, and none will do so for outside patients.

So, I am wondering if anyone is looking for another test subject.
I live in the Minneapolis area, but I have my own wings (aluminum,
not feathered) if travel is necessary.

Any comments, suggestions, or referrals are welcome.  Please send to
ptb at ahse.cdc.com, ptb at world.std.com, or uunet!world!ptb, or give me a
ring at 612-482-8786.

Paul Barnett

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