Job Offer for EE in sound and image processing.

Robert Jacobson cyberoid at
Mon Jun 10 14:39:18 EST 1991

For this job posting, reply to the address below.  DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO
THE POSTING PARTY, PLEASE!!!  (It will NOT get delivered.)

From: 	Gerald Morrow
	Diagnostic Ultrasound Corporation
	PO Box 2655
	Kirkland, WA 98083-2655
	(206) 828-3860 voice
	(800) 331-2313 voice
	(206) 827-8324 fax

	I need an engineer as follows:

	Ground-floor opportunity in profitable medical device
	company with 100% annual growth rate.  Need creative and
	effective programming of embedded MC68340 system to
	implement system control, DSP, and image processing.

	A perfect opportunity for a genius who sees the value of
	team play, serving needs previously unserved by the medical
	device community, and who believes in creating new billion
	dollar markets through innovative thinking.

	Pay, stock options, benefits, best working environment
	for a real winner.

	Send resume to Human Relations, Diagnostic Ultrasound,
	PO Box 2655, Kirkland, WA 98033

(Remember, send your reply with resume to the box number, NOT to my
email address.  I'm only doing this as a favor. -- Bob Jacobson)

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