PIR Release 28 entries available via e-mail

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Tue Jun 11 12:48:30 EST 1991

The UH Gene-Server has been updated with PIR Release 28 entries
are available today by name only.  The usual index files have been
created and are retrievable via the 'send pir-index foo' command, see

Although I've never seen one, I should have PIR entries available via
accession number later this week.

The following commands are available:

send pir-entry foo - sends pir entry named "foo".
send pir-help      - sends a help file for the PIR section of the Gene-Server
send pir-index name - sends an index for PIR file "name".  SEE THE HELP FILE
                      FOR THE PROPER NAME.   In general, it is of the form
	 	      pir1.dat-a, pir3.dat-c, and so on, for each division
                      of the PIR (pir1, pir2, and pirr3) and each letter
                      of the alphabet
send pir-release   - sends the release file for this version of the PIR db.

questions can be addressed to davison at uh.edu

dan davison

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