RFD: comp.online moderated

Robert Jacobson cyberoid at milton.u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 9 22:41:45 EST 1991

I would like to propose the creation of a new newsgroup, COMP.ONLINE
The purpose of this newsgroup would be to discuss the phenomena of being
"online" -- what it means to be part of an electronic community.

To my knowledge, there are no newsgroups dealing broadly with this issue.
Individual newsgroups may deal with the conversations happening locally,
as in the various muds newsgroups; or the topic may come up spontaneously
and then die, as it has in comp.society on occasion.  Yet the experience
of being online is central to what all of us do here:  it deserves some
special attention.

I suggest putting this new newsgroup in the comp. hierarchy because being
online is irrevocably tied up with the use of computers and information
technology.  It could also go in rec. (since we often recreate online)
or soc. (because we are a social happening) or alt. (where nearly every-
thing else ends up).  But comp. feels right to me.

I propose further that this newsgroup be moderated.  I offer to do the
moderation, at least initially.  I have been a host on USENET (sci.
virtual-worlds) for nearly a year; before that, I hosted two conferences
on The WELL and ran a legislative BBS for the California State Assembly.
My credentials are in order.

Please let the online crowd know what YOU think about this proposal.
Also, please crosspost this announcement to such other newsgroups as you
think are appropriate.  After approximately one month of discussion, I
will call for a vote on creating comp.online

Thanks for your attention and your ideas.

Bob Jacobson
Moderator, sci.virtual-worlds
Associate Director
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
Washington Technology Center
c/o University of Washington, Seattle
(Employment given for purposes of identification only; the HIT Lab
hosts only sci.virtual-worlds and has no connection to this proposal.)

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